Employability review shows positive start

The Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills at the Scottish Government today launched the first review of “No One Left Behind”, the Scottish Government’s employability service.

This key Scottish Government strategy aims to ensure that sustainable and meaningful employment in a vibrant Scottish economy becomes an achievable aspiration for everyone, with the emphasis and focus shifted to each individual’s ABILITY.

Shifts in organisational culture are proving to be a significant enabler and everyone involved in achieving this must be congratulated but the main issue facing many disabled people who overcome attitudinal barriers remains a rigid, disabling welfare system.

Presenting people with a financial cliff edge which has only got steeper and more daunting with the roll-out of Universal Credit does not present a viable, person-centred transition into the world of (often part-time and / or low paid) work.

Supplementing the devolved employability service with positive, progressive policies such as the Scottish Living Wage and Fair Work First are making a difference, it’s now time for the UK Government to review and revise how we create similar positive, enabling policies in the welfare system.

Let’s have a system that truly does ensure “no one is left behind”.